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CHRISTMAS IS IN 21 DAYS! [04 Dec 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Oh my God can you feel the cheer? That Christmas CHEER?!?!?! I can!! It runs in my veins actually. I am a Christmas NUT! Anything pertaining to Christmas is my favorite thing. We got our tree today! De Da De! ok well... It's a cute little tree and we have lights everywhere and the tree is COVERED with ornaments.. its basically just ornaments.. no tree. OK! My back hurts from shot.. I need a massage but I cant ask for one because its too close to Christmas.. maybe that could be my present... hmm.. didn't think of that. Alright well I need to dig around for some munchies. later

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Twice Baked Potatoes [29 Nov 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Yes well holy fuck. Ohhhhh man. First day back from vacation.. what a decent day. School is gay and always will be unfortunately. I have shit load of homework and i am procrastinating and then by later on tonight i will be kicking myself in the ass for it. I have a big chem test tomorrow but i think i will do alright on it. yeah i say that now but tomorrow i will be like holy shit i dont know any of this! because yes.. that always happens. mah! First day of track practice was today! It was wonderful, truly wonderful. I love throwing the shotput with my life. It is the greatest thing to do. Yes well guess what i found out yesterday.. that my best friend/guy i like is dating someone. what a bummer right? er well that sucks the big and i swear to God they NEVER TALK! I mean today at practice today. this is him :-) and this is her

yes that is right... no where near each other. hmm and that makes me think?? should i be a bitch and close in on him if this isnt a good relationship? and i mean come on he wouldn't have just kissed me that time for NO REASON! Ugh boys are gay. Oh man I love Pat. I gave him a ride home today and he is so funny and we have really good conversations.. random but good. Jeez... hmm well i guess this is it for now considering i have all my homework to do and i need sleep because i have been working my ass off all week. Relaxing? me?! NEVER! come on now. nighty night children.

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holy mother fucking shit. [27 Nov 2004|05:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Holy fuck I totally forgot I had this livejournal. I haven't written in it in a year.. Not like anyone is really going to notice that I have started to right in it again right? Maybe. Right so I am fucking tired... just got back from a 9!!!! yes 9 hour day at the love JCPenney, the store with the shittiest Christmas music alive. I think I heard every song twice today. Doesn't that make you want to shoot yourself? Well it makes me want to. Right... So today is the padre's b-day. Happy 50th to the old fart. He really doesn't seem like he should be fifty. Oh well it has got to happen sometime. Crazaaayyyy...Hmm well this is a boring as journal. I wish there was something remotely important to gab about but no. All I do is work and go to school and go to practice. I am a workaholic. I folded and categorized about 200 pairs of pants today by size and by short, medium or long... I almost killed myself. Oh and I have to work again tomorrow. I don't have a life anymore. Well kind of but I don't have a love life anymore... Damn boys. They are too confusing. I just quit. Seriously... Homosexuality here I come! I could have one guy but no... he is weird and likes to lead me on and you never flirts and he isn't decisive which bothers me a little... I could also have another one.. but NOOOOOOOOO he has to go for the little freshman... and did i mention that I am best friends with him... Yes, I know, I made it weird by telling him that I like him, but I mean come on a relationship with your best friend would be the best one ever. He is just so confused with himself that he doesn't know what the fuck to do so screw that. Yup and that is about it for boys in beautiful Rutland, Vt. Jesus Christ. My friend Jake asked me out on a date the other day. It kind of caught me off gaurd but now I am really excited for it. Hmm strange...
I love Christmas, seriously. Every pay check that I get from now til December 25th is going to be on presents. I am a gift giving FREAK. All I do when I work is think about what the hell I can buy for people. I have already bought my mom 3 things and my sister two... So yeah go me.
Whitney wants me to come over tonight... I don't know if I want to.. I have to get up at like 8 tomorrow to go to oopen gym for softball and I need sleep. I am becoming a walking zombie. But I think I will just tobe social... Depends on pops though.. except he will probably be asleep at 8 so I guess I could go. Way to spend time with my dad on his birthday huh? Oh well.. I got him the best card and best present. They fit is humor... and my humor hence why I bought them. Cute. Right so.. maybe I should go wrap that sonovabitch. I need to do my chem too. Ew. I hate chem with a passion.. I am surprised I have a fucking 94 or whatever. I need to get my stuff together for tomorrow too. FUCK! I guess I have to leave you... too bad right? I realy feel like driving in a car and singing out REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD... like I do every other time. I should be on motormouth on VH1 and I should really stop rambling. Hasta manana chicos.

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[21 Aug 2003|12:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Ugh I just ate way too much KFC. Stupid fast food fried chicken. It's like a heart attack in a box but is sooo good. *barfs* Jesus I'm stuffed. I got up at like 7:45 to go to field hockey at 8:10. I'm so effin tired its not funny. Today we did little scrimages. I was front line(offense) in the 5 versus 5 and I kicked ass. I am usually back or midi(defense) but I was blown away at how well I was doing! GO ME! I hope I get picked for Varsity. That would rock my jolly socks. We find out tomorrow *shivers*. Emily said I was doing really well and Katie and I are probably the two that will make it. I was like YAY! BUT! I don't have my hopes up very much. I don't tend to either because I don't want to be like eh I didn't get it, whine whine cry cry. It was kick ass if I did though because all the girls are so cool and funny. They also go on camping trips and have team dinners like every week and the practices ad games are fun and they really encourage you. They also get to have a dance for the Pep Rally. Oh man... Now I am getting my hopes up.

I went to the eye doc's yesterday. I get to get contacts today! YAY! I'm excited. I hate glasses. They are just a pain in the ass to just carry around all day. When I went yesterday the doc put drops in my eyes to dilelate(sp?) them. So I couldn't see anything! He gave me these little roll up "sunglasses" things and I was walking to our front door and they flew off my face and I like tripped and fell. I was like greeaaattt now I'm blind. It was funny though.

I went to Whit's last night and Haley came over too. It was fun. we sat there and did nothing. Great time great times.

6 days till school.

My sister has hair like a china doll. Scary looking.

I'm getting my eyebrows waxed at 5:30. Hopefully this person does a good job.

I'm going to nap. Yay

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BACK! [14 Aug 2003|07:41pm]
Yay! I'm back home from the Cape. It was a lot of fun but it rained like every effin day man. My family is crazy. We are all corny freaks and love to do weird stuff and have too much fun. We had this First Annual Houston Talent Show. I was like oh God. But it was actually quite fun. My two cousins Eliana and Gabby (sisters) sang an original song. I like died because my other cousin James said right to Gabby's face that when she sings she sounds like a sheep.. like her voice viberates wwaayyy too much. I like pissed my pants because she does. Oh man. I did a dance with Gabby though and it kicked ass. Thank you to my extreme dancing movie and singing to Build Me Up Buttercup. We have these camp fire sing a longs (yes... I know trey corny and weird) that are actually a lot of fun. My dad plays the guitar and usually my aunts sing and the kids sing when they know a song. And everyone loves my aunt Allie's voice. Ok I have no idea what they are smoking because its really high pitched and nasally. But hey she sings and likes it and has fun... blah blah blah. I did this kick ass song with my dad and her from Godspell called Where are you going. I seriously like blew them all away. I thought I sounded like shit because I was so effin nervous for a bit. My cousins and I went to the Drive-in movie theatre there. We saw Freaky Friday (I liked it because I'm weird and I also love Chad Michael Murray) and Pirates of the Caribbean which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Seriously... best movie in the world.

I'm tan and plan on getting tanner tomorrow and the next week before school.

I don't feel like telling anything else... I just can't think of anything. Monday is VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY TRY OUTS! I'm psyched! But I have to get a physical... and its all nasty and bad.. ugh. The last time I had one she was pregnant and nosy. Hmm... did you ever notice that pregnant women are really irritable and like happy at the sametime... wierd stuff. Ok we have company and I'm hungry. Chao.
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Cape Cod!!!! [06 Aug 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm going to the Cape tomorrow for a week. Yay. A vacation to get away from Vermont, friends (no offense I love you all), some family, and shit that goes on up here. Unfortunately I'll just becoming back to it(the bad stuff). I love these kinds of vacations because they are kick ass and they are relaxing. Hopefully it will be cool this year and we will do a lot of new stuff. I will see you all when i get back. Adios.

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I FUCKING HATE BOYS [03 Aug 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

yeah.. so i got ditched (again) today. yeah i guess im not worth it. FUCKING ASSHOLE! Seriously! Jesus what the hell is wrong with me! DONT WANT TO GET TO KNOW ME! WHAT THE FUCK! THANKS FOR TRYING! yeah trying my ass. What the hell. HONESTLY! JUST RUB IT IN MY FACE WHEN YOU FUCKING KNOW! thanks thanks alot. just leave me hanging here. Asshole. Fucking asshole.

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[03 Aug 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

AW! What a nice humid day! *fans shirt to keep cool* I actually got a normal amount of sleep last night. And I had another creepy dream.. It was like my third creepy dream in a row. I think I need a dream catcher... or maybe I need to lay off ice cream before bed.

I went to Vermont Swimming States today. Leah was in it and she got 7th in backstroke again this year. She beat Janna Polgar by 3 hundredths of a second and she nevers beats Janna. It was great. I don't know how our team did though... maybe we got like 8th but we will see. When we were leaving all these hockey players were coming up from the downstairs locker rooms and some of them were grade A meat man. I'm talking top quality. But anyway, Hilary Creed was talking in her Spanish accent (nothing new there she always does) and she was talking about the hot boys in this accent. Of course it was just hilarious the way she sounded. One young man who was sizzling hot walked by and Hilary (in her accent) said, "Oh boy you are STEAMIN'!" and she started following him. Then like 30 seconds later she came back and goes to me in her accent, "He has such a tight butt, I want to SQUEEZE IT!" I like crapped my pants from laughing. It sounded soooo funny! And then this other guy comes up and he was walking away from us but Hilary kind of followed him and stopped and in the accent started singing, "Did you ever know that your my HERO! You're ever thing I would like to be!" Oh man I like cried. She is so funny. I am going to have to like record it sometime.

Tuesday I think I'm going to Burlington with my cousin ad grandmother. My cousin wants to look at UVM because she loves Vermont and might want to go here! That would kick ass because I would definately go with her! Honestly if you think about it UVM isn't thaattttt bad. And plus it may be cheaper for my parentals. But anyway... that's two more years. AND MAYBE we can go to Urban Outfitters and go and get that Mary is my homegirl SHIRT! Oh man I would shit if we did that!

Ok... I'm done. Adios

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That one right there. [02 Aug 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hola por la casa de Cara! (I hope that means Hello from the house of Cara or Cara's house... whichever you like better) I'm a pooped little girl. I got back from work about an hour ago. I smell like bread and sweat. Yum! Today went be much slower than other days I work. Oh well. We stayed kind of busy. I served this delicious looking boy... I think he was about my age. Oh man! I most tell you he had nice hair, nice eyes and nice lips and nice skin. Ok I love Mr. Mystery Man. He was just HOT! He smiled at me like 10 tens and I like crapped my pants because I was hypervenalating and busy at the same time. I so wanted to ask him where he went to school or like write down my number on a napkin or give him the wrong change so he would have to come back! BUT! I'm stupid.

I broke this small little glass tray/bowl thingy too. I felt bad and it was EVERYWHERE. I like cried as it dropped.

I love jalapeno cheese bread! Heavenly. ITS PURE HEAVEN!

Yesterday Whit came over and attempted to make my lj layout better. Unfortunately my computer is a piece of junk and should be sitting on the side of the road by Danby. I hate it so much. But she is going to try again because it was so god damn GOOD! And the picture of me was funny. And what I was saying was funny. And irrelavant to what was on the page... But who cares? We got our school schedules yesterday too. Mine is KICK ASS except I just don't want to have two core classes the 1st semester and then four the next. That would suck righteous ass. Then after finding out what everyone else had, Melissa came over and we watched Pleasantville <33333333 I seriously love that movie. Paul Walker is a GOD!

Last night at like 3:30 I woke up and I was like Jesus what the hell am I doing up?... and then like ten seconds after I thought that this EXTREMELY LONG AND LOUD clap of thunder scared the SHIT out of me. I didn't want to sleep in my own room I was so scared. I was just about to go down and sleep in my sister's room when I went to itch my nose and I wiped it and there was what I thought was snot. But it was dripping down my hand.. Now it was dark, I couldn't see and my snot isn't that thin. I was like oh shit I'm bleeding. And I turn on my light and it all over my hand and down my mouth now. I was like JESUS! I grabbed about 10 tissues and wiped it up and then went into my mom's room and told her. Ok I have never seen a bloody nose bleed this much. It was like a friggen faucet (sp?). I did the thing from Just Married with Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher and put like tissue inbetween my lip and teeth and gums. It stopped for a while and then I was like ok I'm tired and don't want to shoke on this tissue you shit so I took it out and then it started all over again. Blood down my face again. I just took some tissue and stuffed up my nose and went to bed. Stupid nose bleeds.

I think tonight I'm just going to hang out at home (again) and watch tv(again). That Melissa Joan Hart wedding thingy is on and I kind of want to watch that. I have to do some running today too *shoots self* Ok I think I'm done for now. Adios.


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Eli's Comin' [31 Jul 2003|09:35pm]
What a lovely day in the nieghborhood. I just got back from going to dinner with the parentals and little Leah. Oh Holy God was it bad. It started out fine with me driving wonderfully to Lake House Pub and Grill. I did a fine job parking and all that shizz. We got in and of course for a table on the deck it was a two hour wait. Honestly, who in their right mind waits for a table for that long? So we decided that Hey! Upstairs is dandy! So we sit down and order, I must have had 4 drinks already, and the waitress gets our orders. Time passes by and we are getting sick of each other. I was about to shoot myself. My parents were fighting my sister was kicking me underneath the table and it had been an hour since we ordered. For Christ sake I just wanted some friggen FOOD! And then my dad was bitching and being pissy because his back hurt and my mom supposedly made him come to dinner but he really didn't want to and blah blah blah. And then my mom was saying, "Oh I did NOT say you had to come! I said you could stay home and us girls could go." Ok sure whatever. I really don't want to listen to you two bickering. Especially in public where people are trying to enjoy dinner. So as they are fighting I'm sitting there staring at Leah pretend to shoot myself. Ugh stupid parents. They are so unhappy sometimes it makes me sick. I seriously sat there and wondered tonight, "Would they be better off divorced? Would they effin SHUT UP!!" I just got pissed and then our food came and I wolfed down my chicken caesar salad (good recommendation Whit) immediately and then bitched at my dad on how much to give the waitress since they took so effin long. He said that we shouldn't leave a tip. In my head I was like, "You rude son of a bitch!!!" I got pissed and said, "WELL! I thought she was cheerful and nice AND she did TRY!" and then I huffed, glared at him and walked right out to car. Ugh sometimes I really hate him. I haven't fought with him so much in my life as I have in the past year. Oh well.
Oh, what a wonderful beginning entry. Hmm. This is a work in progress. I suppose Whitney is coming over tomorrow and helping me with a layout and my picture thingy. I'm glad I got this little thing so I can vent. I have been wanting to vent for sssoooo long. Ok well... I do know that it is 9:50... and I do need to go to bed because I have swim team in the mornin'. Ah last day *tear*
Adios muchachos.
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