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holy mother fucking shit.

Holy fuck I totally forgot I had this livejournal. I haven't written in it in a year.. Not like anyone is really going to notice that I have started to right in it again right? Maybe. Right so I am fucking tired... just got back from a 9!!!! yes 9 hour day at the love JCPenney, the store with the shittiest Christmas music alive. I think I heard every song twice today. Doesn't that make you want to shoot yourself? Well it makes me want to. Right... So today is the padre's b-day. Happy 50th to the old fart. He really doesn't seem like he should be fifty. Oh well it has got to happen sometime. Crazaaayyyy...Hmm well this is a boring as journal. I wish there was something remotely important to gab about but no. All I do is work and go to school and go to practice. I am a workaholic. I folded and categorized about 200 pairs of pants today by size and by short, medium or long... I almost killed myself. Oh and I have to work again tomorrow. I don't have a life anymore. Well kind of but I don't have a love life anymore... Damn boys. They are too confusing. I just quit. Seriously... Homosexuality here I come! I could have one guy but no... he is weird and likes to lead me on and you never flirts and he isn't decisive which bothers me a little... I could also have another one.. but NOOOOOOOOO he has to go for the little freshman... and did i mention that I am best friends with him... Yes, I know, I made it weird by telling him that I like him, but I mean come on a relationship with your best friend would be the best one ever. He is just so confused with himself that he doesn't know what the fuck to do so screw that. Yup and that is about it for boys in beautiful Rutland, Vt. Jesus Christ. My friend Jake asked me out on a date the other day. It kind of caught me off gaurd but now I am really excited for it. Hmm strange...
I love Christmas, seriously. Every pay check that I get from now til December 25th is going to be on presents. I am a gift giving FREAK. All I do when I work is think about what the hell I can buy for people. I have already bought my mom 3 things and my sister two... So yeah go me.
Whitney wants me to come over tonight... I don't know if I want to.. I have to get up at like 8 tomorrow to go to oopen gym for softball and I need sleep. I am becoming a walking zombie. But I think I will just tobe social... Depends on pops though.. except he will probably be asleep at 8 so I guess I could go. Way to spend time with my dad on his birthday huh? Oh well.. I got him the best card and best present. They fit is humor... and my humor hence why I bought them. Cute. Right so.. maybe I should go wrap that sonovabitch. I need to do my chem too. Ew. I hate chem with a passion.. I am surprised I have a fucking 94 or whatever. I need to get my stuff together for tomorrow too. FUCK! I guess I have to leave you... too bad right? I realy feel like driving in a car and singing out REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD... like I do every other time. I should be on motormouth on VH1 and I should really stop rambling. Hasta manana chicos.
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