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Hola por la casa de Cara! (I hope that means Hello from the house of Cara or Cara's house... whichever you like better) I'm a pooped little girl. I got back from work about an hour ago. I smell like bread and sweat. Yum! Today went be much slower than other days I work. Oh well. We stayed kind of busy. I served this delicious looking boy... I think he was about my age. Oh man! I most tell you he had nice hair, nice eyes and nice lips and nice skin. Ok I love Mr. Mystery Man. He was just HOT! He smiled at me like 10 tens and I like crapped my pants because I was hypervenalating and busy at the same time. I so wanted to ask him where he went to school or like write down my number on a napkin or give him the wrong change so he would have to come back! BUT! I'm stupid.

I broke this small little glass tray/bowl thingy too. I felt bad and it was EVERYWHERE. I like cried as it dropped.

I love jalapeno cheese bread! Heavenly. ITS PURE HEAVEN!

Yesterday Whit came over and attempted to make my lj layout better. Unfortunately my computer is a piece of junk and should be sitting on the side of the road by Danby. I hate it so much. But she is going to try again because it was so god damn GOOD! And the picture of me was funny. And what I was saying was funny. And irrelavant to what was on the page... But who cares? We got our school schedules yesterday too. Mine is KICK ASS except I just don't want to have two core classes the 1st semester and then four the next. That would suck righteous ass. Then after finding out what everyone else had, Melissa came over and we watched Pleasantville <33333333 I seriously love that movie. Paul Walker is a GOD!

Last night at like 3:30 I woke up and I was like Jesus what the hell am I doing up?... and then like ten seconds after I thought that this EXTREMELY LONG AND LOUD clap of thunder scared the SHIT out of me. I didn't want to sleep in my own room I was so scared. I was just about to go down and sleep in my sister's room when I went to itch my nose and I wiped it and there was what I thought was snot. But it was dripping down my hand.. Now it was dark, I couldn't see and my snot isn't that thin. I was like oh shit I'm bleeding. And I turn on my light and it all over my hand and down my mouth now. I was like JESUS! I grabbed about 10 tissues and wiped it up and then went into my mom's room and told her. Ok I have never seen a bloody nose bleed this much. It was like a friggen faucet (sp?). I did the thing from Just Married with Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher and put like tissue inbetween my lip and teeth and gums. It stopped for a while and then I was like ok I'm tired and don't want to shoke on this tissue you shit so I took it out and then it started all over again. Blood down my face again. I just took some tissue and stuffed up my nose and went to bed. Stupid nose bleeds.

I think tonight I'm just going to hang out at home (again) and watch tv(again). That Melissa Joan Hart wedding thingy is on and I kind of want to watch that. I have to do some running today too *shoots self* Ok I think I'm done for now. Adios.

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