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Ugh I just ate way too much KFC. Stupid fast food fried chicken. It's like a heart attack in a box but is sooo good. *barfs* Jesus I'm stuffed. I got up at like 7:45 to go to field hockey at 8:10. I'm so effin tired its not funny. Today we did little scrimages. I was front line(offense) in the 5 versus 5 and I kicked ass. I am usually back or midi(defense) but I was blown away at how well I was doing! GO ME! I hope I get picked for Varsity. That would rock my jolly socks. We find out tomorrow *shivers*. Emily said I was doing really well and Katie and I are probably the two that will make it. I was like YAY! BUT! I don't have my hopes up very much. I don't tend to either because I don't want to be like eh I didn't get it, whine whine cry cry. It was kick ass if I did though because all the girls are so cool and funny. They also go on camping trips and have team dinners like every week and the practices ad games are fun and they really encourage you. They also get to have a dance for the Pep Rally. Oh man... Now I am getting my hopes up.

I went to the eye doc's yesterday. I get to get contacts today! YAY! I'm excited. I hate glasses. They are just a pain in the ass to just carry around all day. When I went yesterday the doc put drops in my eyes to dilelate(sp?) them. So I couldn't see anything! He gave me these little roll up "sunglasses" things and I was walking to our front door and they flew off my face and I like tripped and fell. I was like greeaaattt now I'm blind. It was funny though.

I went to Whit's last night and Haley came over too. It was fun. we sat there and did nothing. Great time great times.

6 days till school.

My sister has hair like a china doll. Scary looking.

I'm getting my eyebrows waxed at 5:30. Hopefully this person does a good job.

I'm going to nap. Yay
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