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Twice Baked Potatoes

Yes well holy fuck. Ohhhhh man. First day back from vacation.. what a decent day. School is gay and always will be unfortunately. I have shit load of homework and i am procrastinating and then by later on tonight i will be kicking myself in the ass for it. I have a big chem test tomorrow but i think i will do alright on it. yeah i say that now but tomorrow i will be like holy shit i dont know any of this! because yes.. that always happens. mah! First day of track practice was today! It was wonderful, truly wonderful. I love throwing the shotput with my life. It is the greatest thing to do. Yes well guess what i found out yesterday.. that my best friend/guy i like is dating someone. what a bummer right? er well that sucks the big and i swear to God they NEVER TALK! I mean today at practice today. this is him :-) and this is her

yes that is right... no where near each other. hmm and that makes me think?? should i be a bitch and close in on him if this isnt a good relationship? and i mean come on he wouldn't have just kissed me that time for NO REASON! Ugh boys are gay. Oh man I love Pat. I gave him a ride home today and he is so funny and we have really good conversations.. random but good. Jeez... hmm well i guess this is it for now considering i have all my homework to do and i need sleep because i have been working my ass off all week. Relaxing? me?! NEVER! come on now. nighty night children.
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