Cara (loveshacker) wrote,

Eli's Comin'

What a lovely day in the nieghborhood. I just got back from going to dinner with the parentals and little Leah. Oh Holy God was it bad. It started out fine with me driving wonderfully to Lake House Pub and Grill. I did a fine job parking and all that shizz. We got in and of course for a table on the deck it was a two hour wait. Honestly, who in their right mind waits for a table for that long? So we decided that Hey! Upstairs is dandy! So we sit down and order, I must have had 4 drinks already, and the waitress gets our orders. Time passes by and we are getting sick of each other. I was about to shoot myself. My parents were fighting my sister was kicking me underneath the table and it had been an hour since we ordered. For Christ sake I just wanted some friggen FOOD! And then my dad was bitching and being pissy because his back hurt and my mom supposedly made him come to dinner but he really didn't want to and blah blah blah. And then my mom was saying, "Oh I did NOT say you had to come! I said you could stay home and us girls could go." Ok sure whatever. I really don't want to listen to you two bickering. Especially in public where people are trying to enjoy dinner. So as they are fighting I'm sitting there staring at Leah pretend to shoot myself. Ugh stupid parents. They are so unhappy sometimes it makes me sick. I seriously sat there and wondered tonight, "Would they be better off divorced? Would they effin SHUT UP!!" I just got pissed and then our food came and I wolfed down my chicken caesar salad (good recommendation Whit) immediately and then bitched at my dad on how much to give the waitress since they took so effin long. He said that we shouldn't leave a tip. In my head I was like, "You rude son of a bitch!!!" I got pissed and said, "WELL! I thought she was cheerful and nice AND she did TRY!" and then I huffed, glared at him and walked right out to car. Ugh sometimes I really hate him. I haven't fought with him so much in my life as I have in the past year. Oh well.
Oh, what a wonderful beginning entry. Hmm. This is a work in progress. I suppose Whitney is coming over tomorrow and helping me with a layout and my picture thingy. I'm glad I got this little thing so I can vent. I have been wanting to vent for sssoooo long. Ok well... I do know that it is 9:50... and I do need to go to bed because I have swim team in the mornin'. Ah last day *tear*
Adios muchachos.
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